Research Focus

Mission Statement

The Goods Lab solves problems at the intersection of engineering, the immune system, and reproductive health by improving our understanding of biology and by developing tools and systems biology approaches to understand, manipulate, and integrate biological knowledge. The long-term goal of Dr. Goods’ research is to improve the lives of people by building a better understanding of immunology and reproductive tissues, and translating those insights into therapeutics, diagnostics, and novel ways of both studying and monitoring reproductive and overall health. As part of this mission, we seek to support lab members develop their careers and attain their professional goals.

Open Positions

We are always looking for candidates with a diverse scientific background and an interest in systems biology approaches for understanding health and/or disease to join our team!

We are currently recruiting for individuals interested in women’s health and bioinformatics to join our non-hormonal contraceptive discovery efforts. We are looking for individuals to lead bioinformatics efforts to develop computational tools for target selection and data integration across multiple ‘omics datasets.

Postdoctoral and PhD candidates should email Dr. Goods directly, and please include a short cover letter, curriculum vitae, and a diversity statement with your application. Postdoctoral candidates please look at our job posting here.

PhD students interested in the lab will also have to be accepted to one of Dartmouth Engineering’s PhD programs or Quantitative Biomedical Sciences program.

Undergraduate students interested in the lab should email Dr. Goods directly, and in your email include a brief description of what your interests are, if you’re responding to a specific project posting, and please include your curriculum vitae.